Point-of-Sale Installation

A clunky and out-of-date Point-of-Sale system hinders your customer experience and will cost you future sales.
Don't let your POS hold you back. Prime-net will get you set up and tracking every purchase with ease!

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With a streamlined installation process in place, you can be assured that your POS will be installed with little to no impact on your day-to-day operations. Meaning you can start serving more customers quicker and move your business into the future! 

Ease of Use

Having an up-to-date POS system installed with Prime-Net will open up a world of payment options for your customers and bring you into the 21st century. Let your customers know you care about their purchasing experience by giving them control over how to pay! 


Installing a new POS with Prime-Net can open up a world of opportunities for your business. With built in inventorying, multi-site payment processing, and easy to use employee management, your business will move forward light years in productivity and efficiency. 

Point-of-Sale Service and Installation
POS Installation and Service

Whether you have a small business with one location, or a national business with a thousand locations, your Point-Of-Sale system can either be a help or a hinderance to your bottom line. You, your customers, and your employees all deserve to have the best experience possible.

Your POS system can easily be one of the most powerful tools you use to bring your company into the 21st century of business. No longer are the days of holding onto paper receipts from a manual cash register. Your next gen POS system can do all of this:

Calculate accurate payments for EVERY transaction

Record Payment Methods

Create regular accurate sales reports

Track proper payroll and labor numbers

Accurately track inventory data

Provide valuable information on repeat customers

And so much more…

Many POS systems can also integrate straight into an online payment system as well, allowing you to provide services and products through an e-commerce site as well.

Prime-Net will be able to integrate these current upgrades to your systems and integrate them seamlessly to meet your needs. We will install them in active store environments to keep your business up and running so you don’t skip a beat and your customers and employees can keep doing what they do best!


Prime-Net's Areas of Deployment Expertise

Rapid Technology Deployment

Rapid Technology Deployment

National Multi-Site Technology Deployment Capabilities

• On-site training for Teams

• Knowledgeable Techs

Installation Services

Installation Services

POS Systems

CCTV Monitoring

GPS Asset Tracking

AI Video Analytics


When it comes to Point-of-Sale installation…

Follow our 4 step process:

Recognize the problem

Your POS system is costing you money! 

Formulate a plan

With our help, decide which POS system fits your future needs 

Engage the solution

Prime-Net will install your system and train your employees  

Simplify your business

Let your new POS system work for you and make you money! 

Lets get started discussing your POS needs today!

1. Send us a message.

2. Our knowledgeable team will call you.

3. Enjoy your new upgrades!

Save Time

Save time so you can better serve your clients.

Make Life Easier

Don’t let your antiquated technology or systems frustrate you anymore.

Save Money

Let us help you upgrade to cost-effective technology.

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