GPS Asset Tracking Installation

Keeping track of multiple vehicles and equipment is a headache you don't need to have.
Know where your assets are all of the time, no matter where you are with a new GPS tracking system that you can monitor from anywhere, anytime!

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Your business is unique, and so are your needs to keep track of your field assets, fleet vehicles, and equipment. Installing a GPS tracking system gives you the flexibility to manage your assets at any moment from anywhere you are so you can keep your business moving. 


Having the availability of keeping users and employees alike accountable will give you confidence that your various assets are safe from unauthorized use and theft. You can rest assured that the ability to track assets will improve accountability at all levels of use. 

Peace of Mind

Knowing where each piece of equipment is located, how fast your fleet vehicles are going, and where they’ve been, will provide you with something money alone cannot buy. By installing GPS asset tracking into your business operations, you will not only save money, but also give you peace of mind. 

Point-of-Sale Service and Installation
GPS Asset Tracking

You deserve to know where your assets, equipment, and vehicles are, where they’ve been, and who has been using them. You’ve invested money in your business and that investment ought to always be protected. Installing GPS asset tracking systems will supply the security you want and give you control over your investment. All of this while keeping your business running seamlessly due to the knowledge and insights asset tracking allows.

So, whether it’s for work, recreation, or something in between, asset tracking comes in all shapes, sizes and prices. Let Prime-net be your partner in getting your asset tracking capabilities up and running from 1 tracker to thousands across the country.


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For GPS Asset Tracking installation…


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Start enjoying the benefits of being equipped with the knowledge and control that asset tracking provides 

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