CCTV System Installation

Holes in your CCTV coverage and quality cost your business money and peace of mind.
It is stressful to choose and install a CCTV sytem, Prime-net can take the confusion out and leave you secure!

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Save Money

Your CCTV monitoring system do not have to break the bank. Don’t get stuck trying to install a cheap system by yourself. Let Prime-net walk you through choosing the best CCTV system for your business’s security needs, as well as installing your cameras in the most efficient spots 

Reduce Liabilty

Having cameras installed in your business is a deterrent as well as a safety net! They can be used to cover your business legally, providing you with extra insurance, security, and peace of mind. Because you can’t be everywhere at once. 

Protect Inventory

CCTV installation ensures you have clear views of every part of your store. Using this to track customer traffic patterns you can strategically stock your inventory accordingly. They also provide increased accountability for employees and customers to improve efficiency. 

Point-of-Sale Service and Installation
CCTV Installation and Service

Having professionally installed CCTV system by Prime-Net’s highly qualified national teams will provide your business with the security you deserve to keep your employees, customers, and your bottom line protected.

You don’t want to leave your business unprotected and your employees without accountability. CCTV’s provide your customers with an improved perception of concern and safety for their wellbeing as well as protecting your bottom line by deterring burglary and shoplifting. They can also provide safety for employees and patrons on the outside of your business when positioned conspicuously around your property.


Prime-Net's Areas of Deployment Expertise

Rapid Technology Deployment

Rapid Technology Deployment

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• Knowledgeable Techs

Installation Services

Installation Services

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When it comes to CCTV installation….. Follow these steps.


Our team will help you pick a CCTV system that works for you 


Prime-net’s techs will install, setup, and show you how to use your new system 


Know that your new CCTV system is keeping an eye out, even when you can’t 

Take the first step toward first class CCTV today!

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3. Enjoy your new upgrades!

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